Business Plan Rates

Our rate structure ranges from $695.00 for a basic business plan, and $995 and up for a comprehensive business plan with up to three years financials. A basic plan will include one year financial history or projections and document your overall business strategy, and is most appropriate for use as a business roadmap and presentation to lender audiences. A comprehensive plan is more suitable for presentation to equity investors. Please call for a quote. The actual quote will vary with the amount of research and due-diligence required to achieve excellence for your plan, and is also dependent on market and competitive analysis, you may have already performed, or can provide. 

All Other Services

Quotes are available on request for all marketing plans, market research, creative writing, and presentation and proofreading services. Rates are dependent on the amount of work required to achieve excellence on your project. Please call for a custom quote today.

Disclaimer: Although a comprehensive business plan highlights many of the important elements contained in a marketing plan, the entrepreneur should note that it is not a substitute for a separate comprehensive marketing plan. The comprehensive marketing plan will include an Executive Summary with a marketing orientation, budget requirements, and specific strategies to achieve organizational goals through marketing efforts.
 For instance, the comprehensive business plan will include a full marketing analysis  with a product(s) or service(s) overview detailing market segments and sizing, full competitive analysis detailing major rivals including percentage of market share in various segments, relative competitive advantages, competitors segment positioning, detail of competitor's marketing mix, and more that are not found in a typical business plan.