Here is an image with a beam of light centered in the picture signifying power and knowledge. Above the beam of light are an attaché case and a folded Wall Street Journal, an excellent source of information relative to investor funding, business strategy, pricing strategy, market research, and competitive analysis. Below the beam of light are layered 100-dollar bills signifying profitability.

The adage that "Knowledge is Power" is never more true than in the Marketing World

     If knowledge is power, then understanding the dynamics and competitive landscape of your market is the force that empowers your organization to succeed. When you partner with Shark Business Plans to prepare your marketing plan document, you can expect to come away with an understanding of all the important elements of a solid marketing strategy including:

  • Company and product/service brand development
  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Market penetration strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Competitor's strategies
  • Competitive barriers to entry
  • Competitive and profitable pricing strategy
  • Distribution strategy (domestic and global)
  • Channel development and strategy
  • Promotion strategies

The Four P's of Marketing...

  • Product (or service),
  • Price, 
  • Place (distribution strategy),
  • Promotion

...are critical to your business success. It is essential to have a firm grasp on each of these factors combined with a sound knowledge of your market and the competitive landscape in order to succeed. Acquiring this understanding takes a substantial amount of market research and access to the reliable and authoritative sources of information that can provide it. Access to one notable and authoritative source of information can cost several thousand dollars per year. With access to perhaps the most powerful electronic library in the world, Shark Business Plans can create your comprehensive marketing plan for less than the annual cost of just one of these reputable sources of information.

     Success is not a chance happening. It is, rather, the result of thoughtful and deliberate planning and a quest to understand the dynamics that influence your market. When you're serious about establishing a competitive edge against your rivals, let the experts at Shark Business Plans create the marketing plan that will empower you to effectively pursue and maximize profitability. There will never be a time like today to begin. Will you be wondering why good things aren't happening, or will profitability and success be pursuing you? We're ready, are you?